Mission Statement

Our commitment to education and life optimization

We empower students to succeed in their academic and professional pursuits and on all vital admissions exams.

MindFlow features an integrated mindset and an efficient accelerated reading training that is not traditionally included in school or test prep curriculum. However, they are game changers in perspective, exam performance, grades and test scores.

Our holistic and mindful methods help students feel calm and confident, retain and recall information more effectively, think and process information more clearly and embody a positive mindset. These skills allow students to feel more optimistic about achieving goals and create an enthusiasm for learning. Both the reading and mindset tools are transferable skills that can be applied to many other areas of their academic, professional and personal lives.

MindFlow’s processes are based on the work of MindFlow’s founder, Bara Sapir, and her 30+ years of upgrading students’ results in test prep, speed reading, mindset, and in life. MindFlow began as a live in-person and online workshop in 2005. Participants’ results from this online option have already exceeded the already impressive ones from the 1-day program.

Students in a classroom at a beautiful sunset light

Go faster go farther and achieve the highest performance