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Learn tools to read faster and comprehend more inviting you to be more effective and productive on the job. Through a combination of mindfulness, holistic tools and state-of-the-art technology, MindFlow helps you increase your reading speed, improve your focus and comprehension: all this combined helps you work smarter. Thrive instead of survive. And with the freed up time, you can do more of the things you love.

Speed Reading:

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working smarter

If you read less than 300 words per minute, and memos, reports, and articles overwhelm your desktop real estate, your performance and productivity may be compromised. By employing an assertive reading strategy, harnessing focus and embodying a curious mindset, you can uplevel your professional information intake. Take our free online speed reading test to instantly see how quickly you read.

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Benefits for Speed reading

Alleviate stress and anxiety, improve focus and thrive on the job

Along with speed reading techniques, MindFlow also teaches ways to regulate your emotions, enter the ‘zone’ and remain focused.

MindFlow draws from yoga, nutrition, holistic and mindful techniques as well as sound therapy and binaural beat technology. You will learn how to enter a positive mindset, even under deadlines, with less stress, distraction or panic.

Learn how to increase your reading speed up to 5 times faster!

The advantages of


Read faster, comprehend more, perform better and feel greater job satisfaction.

The Advantages of

MindFlow Program

The Advantages of MindFlow Program

Prepare for your test, and gain skills for life.

Time management and an optimized mindset assembled on a single platform

MindFlow combines test prep techniques, professional coaching and speed-reading with advanced technology and a user-friendly design. Our cloud-based tool is fun, effective and will teach you tools applicable to all types of reading.

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Took the MindFlow (speed reading) workshop. This was a fun, fast-paced class that added about 75% to my reading score, with more comprehension. I continue to practice using tools I learned in the class, and some online tools forwarded to me. Bara was fun, is great with kids (my high schooler took the class with me) and a really cool gal. I’d highly recommend that everyone take MindFlow.

Eddie O. Arlington, Arlington, VA

My daughter came home ecstatic. She was gushing that the MindFlow workshop gave her an edge in taking the SAT. She said it was worth every penny and more.

Ellis, SAT MindFlow Student

I loved this speed reading clinic! I started to incorporate what I learned into my typical reading and it’s amazing. I’m reading so much faster, and I feel I comprehend what I read so much better now. Thank you!

Melvin, GMAT MindFlow Clinic Student

After yesterday’s class, I read 200 pages of a paperback with the approach you taught me. Then I solved GMAT reading comprehension questions. It was much easier to read and the percent of my correct answers increased. Thank you!

Kentaro, GMAT MindFlow Clinic Student

MindFlow’s expert guides

Bara Sapir, MindFlow’s creator and guide, is an expert trainer in speed reading and coach to eliminate test anxiety.

A leader, with over 30 years of experience in the test preparation landscape, she combines high-performance coaching and personal empowerment with skills-based learning. She is the first in the test prep industry to integrate mindful and holistic techniques, including visualization, hypnosis, MBSR-T, and NLP in in academic, creative and test prep content studies.

She compiled MindFlow’s team to include highly-respected professionals in the fields of sound therapy, nutrition and yoga. They provide tools to achieve an optimal mind-body-spirit connection beneficial for any focused task, and especially for studying, taking high stakes admissions tests and professional projects.

Unlimited access to material. One single payment.

MindFlow works with all types of reading material, save math and ‘technical’ manuals. The program improves time management skills and reading comprehension, and what you gain from MindFlow go far beyond the professional reading. Our unique program supports you to be more focused and alert and frees up time to other enjoyable activities.

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$14700single payment
  • Reading Speed Tests
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Practice Modules
  • Brain-Eye Coordination
  • Exclusive Video and Animation Content
  • Gamification UI
  • Mindset Support
  • Dashboard to track all progress
  • Certificate for Program Completion