Increase your reading speed. Improve your focus. Boost your test score.

Increase your reading speed. Improve your focus. Boost your test score.

MindFlow combines reading acceleration methods with mindset tools to increase your reading speed, improve your focus and comprehension and boost performance on admissions tests, in school and professionally.

Our learning program can help you achieve higher scores on your SSAT, SHSAT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, EA, LSAT, MCAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE exams. The techniques you’ll learn through MindFlow will support you in middle and high school, college, business school, graduate school, medical school, law school and throughout your academic and professional career.

Mindflow website mockup
Mindflow website mockup

A slow reading speed could be harming your test scores

A slow reading speed could be harming your test scores

If you are reading less than 300 words per minute your performance and test scores could be compromised. After using MindFlow you could increase your reading speed by up to 500%.

Take our free online speed reading test to find out your current reading speed.

MindFlow Tests
MindFlow for students
MindFlow for students

Learn how to read up to 5 times faster with MindFlow!

Achieve top test scores with MindFlow’s 3 step solution

Exclusive step-by-step instruction

You will learn effective reading techniques and discover how to harness an optimal test mindset over the course of 20+ video lessons. Experts present easy to follow directions and you’ll gain mastery as soon as you integrate the process.

Engaging exercises to develop your skills

The MindFlow library contains dozens of hours of interactive practice, speed tests and diagnostic tests to chart your progress. Users can even upload their own material for personal use. Plus, you track your progress and improvements as you go through the program.

Optimizing Mindset

MindFlow’s interactive mindset training makes it easy to get into the right head space: calm, focused, relaxed and confident. When you are in the zone, you’re able to manifest your best performance on your test, in school and in life.

MindFlow was a fun, fast-paced program that increased my reading score 75% with more comprehension. I continue to practice using tools. It is fun, is great for me (and adult) and with my kids (a high schooler.) I’d highly recommend that everyone take MindFlow.

Eddie, Adult MindFlow Student

My daughter is ecstatic. She was gushing that MindFlow gave her an edge in taking the SAT. She said it was worth every penny and more.

Ellis, SAT MindFlow Student

I loved this speed reading program! I started to incorporate what I learned into my typical reading and it’s amazing. I’m reading so much faster, and I feel I comprehend what I read so much better now. Thank you!

Melvin, GMAT MindFlow Student

After yesterday’s work, I read 200 pages of a paperback with the approach you taught me. Then I solved GMAT reading comprehension questions. It was much easier to read and the percent of my correct answers increased. Thank you!

Kentaro, GMAT MindFlow Student

After MindFlow, I completed a book in less than 3 hours, remembering everything I read!

Daphne, Adult MindFlow Student

I went from 122 to 380 words per minute. Thanks, MindFlow!

Grant, SAT MindFlow Student

Wow! I went from 217 words per minute to 907! And understood everything!

Hannah, GMAT MindFlow Student

I shaved 2 minutes off reading each of my ACT essays!

Ryan, ACT MindFlow Student

I’m only halfway through the MindFlow platform, and I’ve already increased my CARS score 4 points. Thank you!

Arun, MCAT CARS MindFlow Student

Access to test-targeted training material. One single payment.

MindFlow supplements your test preparation. The MindFlow program targets your time management skills and reading comprehension, but the things you’ll gain from MindFlow go far beyond the academic world. Our unique program will support you on test day, in school and in all areas of life.

Caucassian man in front of a computer with Mindflow website mockup on the screen

For Students

$14700single payment
  • Reading Speed Tests
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Practice Modules
  • Brain-Eye Coordination
  • Exclusive Video and Animation Content
  • Gamification UI
  • Mindset Support
  • Dashboard to track all progress
  • Certificate for Program Completion

For Businesses

  • Entire Platform Access from Student Version for each student including:
  • Speed and Diagnostic Tests
  • Practice Modules and Mindset Support
  • Brain-Eye Coordination
  • Exclusive Video and Animation Content
  • Gamification UI
  • Administrative Dashboard to track all student progress
  • Complete Student Overview
  • Optional Landing Page